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Vastu means abode, tenth directions are all those directions have their own effect. For common people, even if the construction of Vastu cannot be done, but an attempt may be made, in the same way that destiny may not change in astrology, but it can be protected through rituals.

The god of Astu - Brahmasthala - that is, the "courtyard" of the building - is Brahmaji himself and the element is the sky. There should be a courtyard at this place, that is, "Brahmasthal", as well as an open net from the top, so that the sunlight in the courtyard is good. The construction of the building is clean and weightless, the residents get a huge heart as well as huge intelligence.

Just as everything can be told about a man on the basis of his horoscope (which is the foundation of a person), just like looking at the structure and internal arrangement of his house (which comes under Vastu), stay in it. Can assess the whole family. Vaastu Shastra, in fact, is an art of sitting in harmony with nature and benefiting from the energy pervaded in it.

The size of the residence and office is square and rectangular is auspicious for -21% to 1 ratio. The entrance should be an auspicious place. It is very important to have construction and home entry in auspicious time. It is auspicious to have a road in the north and east direction of the building. There should not be junk on the roof. Vastu gods are happy by not keeping clocks, useless machines in the house, all the people living in the house are happy.

As much as the need of astrology is in life, if we believe then Vastu is also a very important thing - as we can test and see that we have been following Vastu for centuries to keep our culture and culture alive, even if from far away The supernatural image of Tulsi, OM, Swasti is already visible at the entrance of the building, this is the reality of Vastu Shastra.

If you are building a building or want any solution related to Vastu, then do write to us, and according to astrology and Vastu Shastra, get rid of your problems. Note: You must send a map of your house or images of different parts of the house.

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