Shubh Muhurt

Muhurta is a time measurement unit in Hinduism. In the current Hindi language, we have started saying this word on the auspicious moment to start any work.
It is believed that among the five Pandavas, Sahadeva was a scholar of Muhurta Shastra. Before the battle of Mahabharata, at the behest of Duryodhana Maharaj Dhritarashtra himself went to Sahadeva to get out auspicious time for the victory of Kauravas in the war and Sahadeva called him auspicious time. When Lord Krishna came to know about this, then he preached to free Arjuna from attachment to avoid this Muhurta and for the Muhurta for the victory of Pandavas.
All these facts are mentioned in Srimad Bhagavad Gita. In the Atharvaveda there is a directive to start work in auspicious time so that auspiciousness can have maximum impact on all aspects of human life. Acharya Varahamihira also recommends it.
In reference to the Muhurta, there is a mention in the Ramcharitmanas that after the war, when Ravana was in a dying state, Sri Ram sent Lakshmana to teach him the date and Muhurta knowledge. This story also reveals the importance of auspicious moment. The idea of a muhurta has been thought of since the beginning. Many such examples are also found in our scriptures which reveal this fact. The waiting of the appropriate time of Shri Krishna to kill Kansa, etc.,
confirms this fact. Even in today's scientific era, scientists wait for the right time for any test. Politicians issue muhurats for nomination at the time of election. All these facts show the usefulness of the Muhurta. Here it is appropriate to clarify a fact that the purification of the lagna is very important and necessary. This increases the chances of success of the work by 1000 times.
In Muhurta, the details of the dates, constellations, fruits etc. are presented in the table. The question is often asked whether luck can be changed by working in auspicious time? It is necessary to make it clear here that this is not possible. We know that Guru Vashistha had chosen the auspicious time for the coronation of Lord Rama,
but his coronation could not take place. It means that man can only do karma. To act or be at the right time is also a matter of luck. Muhurta analysis is necessary to start work, but it is wrong to depend on it.
If a person has to undergo surgery, he will not wait for the Muhurta because more than the Muhurta he will be worried about his life and money etc. But according to Muhurta, the possibility of loss can be reduced by working.
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