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There are many such teachings in astrology, from which the past, future and present of any person can be seen. One of these disciplines is palmistry. Our future is hidden in the lines of the hands and on studying the palm one can get complete information about any person.

Every small and big event related to our life is hidden in our hand lines. From the correct study of these lines, it can be understood that how much will a person progress in life? How many successes or failures will one achieve? How will the health of the person or his married life be? The lines of the hands keep changing according to our thinking.

Normally, many small lines of our hands change, but some special lines do not undergo major changes. These important lines include lifeline, fate line, heart line, manibandha, sun line and marriage line.
According to palmistry astrology, some important lines are mentioned, based on the position of these lines, a person's life can be predicted.

These lines are as follows- Life line: The life line surrounds the Venus region (the part below the thumb). This line starts from the index finger and middle of the thumb and goes to the brain. On the basis of this line, the age and accident etc. of a person are considered.

Brain line: This line stays in the horizontal position of the palm. The brain line begins near the starting point of the lifeline. Starting here, the brain line moves to the other side of the palm. The intellectual capacity of the person is considered by this line.

Heart line: This line runs parallel to the brain line. The beginning of the heart line starts from the bottom of the Mercury field (the part under the shortest finger) on the palm and goes towards the Guru region (the part below the index finger is called Guru Parvat). From this line, a person's intellectual capacity, ethics and ideas are considered.

Sun Line: This line usually resides in the center of the palm. Above the Sun Line Manibandhi (the horizontal lines below the end of the palm are called Manibandhi.) The ring goes towards the Sun Mountains below the finger. However, this line is not in everyone's hands. This line shows how much respect and money the person will receive.

Fortune Line: It lives in the middle of the palm and starts from the brain or around it and goes to the Saturn region (the middle finger is the part below the middle finger.). The person's luck is considered by this line.

Health line: It starts from Mercury field (the area under the shortest finger is called Mercury mountain.) And moves towards Venus mountain (the area under the thumb is called Venus mountain). From this line the health related things of the person are considered.

Marriage Line: It resides in the form of a horizontal line on the Mercury Zone (the area under the shortest finger is called Mercury Zone). This line can also be more than one. This line considers a person's marriage and marital life.

Child Line: It lives as a vertical line on the Mercury Zone (the area under the shortest finger is called Mercury Zone). This line can also be more than one. This line shows how many children a person will have. From the child line, it is also known that how many girls and how many boys will be received as a child.

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