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The horoscope (also known by the names of the horoscope, janam horoscope, birth chart, horoscope, Vedic horoscope, Hindu horoscope, etc.)
shows the exact positions of the constellations and planets that were in the sky at the time of the birth of the native. These astronomical positions are simply marked in the appearance of the horoscope, so that it can be analyzed.
Astrology gives knowledge of fruits based on the planets and their yogas. Some planetary yogas are considered inauspicious, which take away the happiness of a person's life, then there are some auspicious planets that decorate a person's life. Some of the best yogas mentioned in astrology are Mahalakshmi Yoga, Nripa Yoga etc.
Among the great yogas, Mahalakshmi Yoga, Nrup Yoga, Gajkesari Yoga, Parijat Yoga, Chhatra Yoga, etc., come in various yogis, whose presence makes the life of the person happy. And remains happy and the person achieves fame and fame.
One needs to recognize these Yogas, and to identify these Yogas and work according to them, as long as we do not do Karma, no matter how good our horoscope is, no matter how many Yogas, nothing. Gonna happen Simultaneously, the work of increasing the strength of weak planets can also be identified, so that good results can be achieved from it.
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