What is astrology?

Astrology is a mysterious subject in itself. Those who know about this, take advantage of this subject and touch the heights of life. The game of planets is understood by astrology, through astrology, the effect of planets will be seen in our lives, it is seen.
Astrology is also called eyes of Vedas. It has been said "Astrology Vedanan Chakshu". The past, future and present are known through astrology.
The knowledge of when a good time will come in someone's life, when a bad time will come, when a fortune will occur, when a marriage will take place, what should be done, when should be done, etc. is very easily ascertained.
The important thing is that through this subject we can know how exactly we can achieve complete success in this life. For this reason, since time immemorial, kings and emperors and scholars have been taking advantage of the subject of astrology to prove their various purposes.

Through this, we can look into our future.

Through astrology, we can become aware of our good and bad times. Through this we can also know which gem, which day is suitable for us. Through this, we can also find our favorite, that is, we can see which god is best for us. Through this, we can also know why no disease is leaving us.

Why are we not getting success in love relations?

Why we are defeated again and again, why we have to struggle more. Why is interruption in marriage and what can be its solution?

Which metal is good for us?

Through astrology, we can also know a lot about our personality like which planet we can succeed and which quality we have more than that.
Through this, we can also know that due to which quality we suffer the most damage...

Which direction is best for us?

Therefore, astrology tells us a lot and we can know some secret about every aspect of life. You should also take astrological advice and know various aspects of your life.

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